Dentures Help Regain Your Smile After Advanced Tooth Loss

Adjusting to life with advanced dental loss can be challenging, but the right treatment can restore your smile. A full or partial denture can fit securely to either row of teeth to return your bite with a lifelike appearance. At Denali Dental Care, we will work closely with you to design a prosthetic that can help return your confidence by allowing you to look your best!

How Do Dentures Restore Lost Teeth?

A partial denture can help you close nonconsecutive gaps in a row of teeth with a single treatment. While a dental bridge restores multiple missing teeth adjacent to one another, a partial denture operates without the need for crowns placed on neighboring teeth. This appliance restores more intricate tooth loss patterns by attaching to natural teeth using metallic clasps. Once in place, your row of teeth is complete once again.

A full denture helps you restore an entire row of missing teeth with a single appliance. To ensure a comfortable fit, we carefully measure all surrounding oral structures to help your denture fit the contour of your jaw. Before placing your denture, we will extract any remaining teeth. As a general rule, we suggest waiting three to six months after extraction before wearing your false teeth.

Supporting Dentures With Dental Implants

We can combine your denture with dental implants to provide a more secure solution for advanced tooth loss. If your jawbone retains enough density to secure an implant, we can attach a denture to as few as two or four posts. This treatment option helps you maintain more of your jaw by transferring stimulation from your bite into the bone below.