A Minimally Invasive Alternative To Facelift Surgery

A PDO thread lift uses a dissolvable structure to help tighten and lift your skin. Compared to facelift surgery, this procedure is far less invasive and can be completed within an hour. Because PDO thread lifts leave no significant wound or scarring, you can resume normal activities immediately after leaving our practice.

What Makes A PDO Thread Lift Different From Other Procedures?

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads use a biodegradable suture and are one of three common materials used in modern thread lift treatments. PDO thread lifts have existed the longest and are thus tried and true. In use since the 80’s, PDO threads break down within about six months. As your PDO thread lives under the skin, the body increases collagen production to boost volume and elasticity. As we age, the loss of our collagen is responsible for our skin’s sagging appearance.

What Areas Of My Face Can A PDO Thread Lift Treat?

We can target almost any area of the face that shows signs of aging. This includes your cheeks, neck, jaw, and eyes. We often combine this therapy with additional anti-aging procedures to help you achieve your desired look. Dermal fillers, for instance, can help boost collagen production as well. Your thread lift will not offer as drastic of a change as facelift surgery, and as your threads degrade, we can schedule a follow-up reapplication to continue providing support.

Performing Your PDO Thread Lift

We ask that you avoid any product that increases your risk of bleeding or bruising in the days leading to your thread lift. On the day of treatment, we will disinfect the targeted area and apply a local anesthetic to support your comfort. Using a specialized needle, we will pull your threads through the targeted area and cut them to secure them in place. In about an hour, you should be free to leave.