Replace One Or More Missing Teeth With A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is an excellent choice to help you restore one or multiple adjacent missing teeth. While the aesthetic benefits of prosthetic restoration may be obvious, a dental bridge can help prevent many functional complications that result from losing a tooth. By attaching to dental crowns placed on neighboring teeth, your bridge placement requires no invasive surgery.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

Your dental bridge permanently closes the gap left behind by dental loss. This returns strength to your bite and helps prevent nearby teeth from drifting toward the open socket. By carefully measuring your oral structures, we create a prosthetic tooth that fits neatly into your smile, returning a lifelike appearance.

The Complications Of Losing Teeth

When left untreated, dental loss can cause you to develop problems with the alignment of your bite. Because your dentition requires every tooth to function properly, certain teeth take disproportionate force to make up for the loss. This can prematurely wear their surface, leading to a higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease. As you strain your jaw to chew around the hole in your bite, the strain on your joint can also raise your risk for TMJ disorder.

Placing Your Custom Bridge

To qualify for bridge placement, the teeth surrounding your gap must be healthy enough to support a pair of crowns. A bridge can be preferable to other dental prosthetics when neighboring teeth also require crowns to treat cracks or infections. We will connect a pontic, or false tooth, between crowns to permanently hold your bridge in place. After setting, your bridge will remain stable for many years. We hope you enjoy a more confident attitude after restoring your oral health and your smile’s appearance with your dental bridge!