Clear Braces That Offer Speedy Results

Six Month Smiles® offers an alternative to the 18-24 month timeline of traditional orthodontic braces. This treatment focuses on the cosmetic aspects of straightening your teeth by focusing on those that are most visible. Six Month Smiles® can help you correct an open bite or overbite, tooth crowding, and large gaps between your teeth in front. By selecting barely noticeable materials to craft your orthodontic appliance, Six Month Smiles® maintains your smile’s appearance during treatment.

Designing Your Clear Braces System

When you visit our office, we can take an impression of your teeth to determine if you are a candidate for Six Month Smiles®. By sending this information to a lab specialist, they will create a custom bonding tray that contains a prefabricated set of braces ready to apply. At your follow-up appointment, we will apply your orthodontic appliances and give you instructions on maintaining them during the corrective period. At monthly intervals, we ask that you come in to receive wire adjustments. At the end of treatment, you can enjoy a more uniform smile to show off to others!

How Does It Work In Only Six Months?

Six Month Smiles® utilizes patented technology to provide a safe, comfortable process that is completed in around half a year. Six months is the average treatment time out of a range of four to nine months. Because your clear braces focus primarily on the teeth in front, they do not take additional time to shift your molars. We can let you know if your orthodontic issues would benefit from this treatment.

Additional Options For Orthodontic Treatment

We also offer clear aligner treatment from Invisalign® to help straighten your smile. Clear aligners provide a set of translucent trays custom-fitted to your unique bite. By wearing your aligners 20 to 22 hours per day, they gradually pull your teeth into position. Because they are removable, clear aligners allow you to easily maintain your oral hygiene when taking them off to brush or eat.