A Discreet Alternative To Braces

Would you like to straighten your teeth without bulky metal brackets or wires? Clear aligners from Invisalign® offer a translucent appearance to complement your smile during treatment. By wearing your aligner trays each day, you can gradually move your teeth into position without calling any unwanted attention! While traditional braces remain in place permanently, you may remove your clear aligners at mealtime and when brushing your teeth. This makes maintaining your oral hygiene during orthodontic care a breeze!

The Benefits Of A Straighter Smile

While the aesthetic effect of straightening your smile attracts many people to Invisalign® treatment, orthodontic care provides valuable oral health and functional benefits as well. When you have spacing issues between your teeth, the force of your bite distributes unevenly. By correcting your bite’s alignment, you can prevent uneven wear and tear to certain teeth. Proper alignment can also reduce stress on the joints of your jaw, reducing your risk of developing TMJ disorder. A more uniform grin is also much easier to clean as you now have access to the entire surface of every tooth. Teeth that crowd can attract bacterial deposits in areas where your brush and floss cannot reach.

Designing Your Aligner Trays

Using advanced software, we can take a digital impression of your smile and show you how it will look after treatment with Invisalign®. Using the same images, we send your information to a lab where a custom set of aligner trays are created. After delivery, you will wear each set until it is time to move to the next in the series.

Additional Options For Orthodontic Treatment

We also offer treatment with Six Month Smiles, an alternative braces treatment that is completed within half a year. Using clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, Six Month Smiles provides a more natural appearance during your braces treatment. After designing and placing your braces, we will see you once per month to make any necessary adjustments.