Treating Your Tooth Infection With Root Canal Therapy

A sudden toothache can indicate a problem inside the tooth’s structure. If your symptoms do not go away after a day, they could indicate an infection that requires immediate attention. Without treatment, infectious bacteria can enter your bloodstream and spread throughout the body.

By performing a root canal, we access the inner portion of your tooth to clear all foreign material and end your body’s inflammatory process, which is causing you pain. Because these emergencies can happen when you least expect them, we provide service outside of your standard checkup schedule to treat your infection right away.

How Do Infections Reach My Tooth?

A tooth infection generally results from any injury that breaks the protective seal of your tooth’s outer surface. Whether from physical trauma or an advanced case of decay, a break in your enamel can expose the inner pulp chamber to bacteria within your mouth. Staying on top of your daily oral hygiene and regular cleaning schedule can help prevent decay from reaching this point. Similarly, we advise reporting any physical injuries or sporting accidents as soon as they affect your tooth. While a minor chip or crack may seem superficial, we can help determine if they compromise your enamel’s protection.

How Will You Restore My Tooth?

Because root canal therapy permanently alters the outer structure of your tooth, we must reseal it to prevent future reinfection. We can design a dental crown that replicates your original tooth’s shape and size to fit neatly within your bite. This provides the additional benefit of restoring your tooth’s strength after losing it to trauma or decay.