A Smile Makeover Can Restore Your Confidence!

If you have multiple problems with your smile, deciding where to begin treatment can be difficult. We can help you look your best by providing personalized care that takes a look at the entire picture. Smile design combines cosmetic and restorative procedures to return your smile to its full beauty and functionality. We understand it can be hard to feel confident when you feel self-conscious about your teeth, and that is why we are proud to help you restore your oral health.

What Is Smile Design?

Your smile design takes an artistic approach to create a whiter, straighter, more aesthetically pleasing look. With several treatment options, we can correct physical wear to the surface of your teeth, discoloration, and other significant problems with your oral health. If you are missing one or more teeth, your design could incorporate dental implants to complete a full smile. 

Before beginning treatment, we must address any ongoing oral conditions. This could mean providing periodontal therapy for existing gum disease. We will also remove and restore any tooth decay before moving on to cosmetic procedures.

How Long Does Smile Design Take To Complete?

Because we tailor your design to your concerns, time to completion depends upon the type and number of procedures you require. This means that treatment with dental bonding or teeth whitening can be done in a single day. Conversely, a dental implant may take multiple months to fully heal. When you meet with your dentist, we will help design your schedule to meet any time constraints.